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2015 MRS Spring Meeting Logo2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 6-10, 2015 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Artur Braun, Hongyou Fan, Ken Haenen, Lia Stanciu, Jeremy A. Theil

Symposium K : The Development of Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) and Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) Materials in Energy Storage and Conversion Systems

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Symposium Organizers

K. Andreas Friedrich, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Jaeyoung Lee, Gwangju Inst of Samp;T
Emil Roduner, University of Pretoriat

Symposium Support

German Aerospace Ctr
Zahner-elektrik GmbH amp; Co. KG
K2: Metal Oxide Catalysts
Session Chairs
Piotr Zelenay
K. Andreas Friedrich
Tuesday PM, April 07, 2015
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3001

2:30 AM - *K2.01
Oxygen Electrocatalysis Using Metal Oxides: News and Insights

Thomas J. Schmidt 1

1Paul Scherrer Institut Villigen Switzerland

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3:00 AM - K2.02
Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Understand Interactions between Noble Metals and Manganese Oxide for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Linsey Seitz 1 Chia-Jung Chung 2 Jesse Benck 1 Yelena Gorlin 3 Dennis Nordlund 4 Dimosthenis Sokaras 4 Tsu-Chien Weng 4 Bruce M. Clemens 2 Thomas F. Jaramillo 1

1Stanford University Stanford United States2Stanford University Stanford United States3Technical University of Munich Munich Germany4SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Menlo Park United States

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3:15 AM - K2.03
Partially Oxidized Manganese Oxide Nanocrystals with an Unexpectedly High Activity for Water Oxidation Catalysis

Kyoungsuk Jin 1 Arim Chu 1 Jimin Park 1 Donghyuk Jeong 1 Sung Eun Jerng 1 Uk Sim 1 Hui-Yun Jeong 1 Chan Woo Lee 1 Ki Dong Yang 1 Yong-Sun Park 1 Gajendra Pradhan 1 Donghun Kim 2 Nark-Eon Sung 3 Sun Hee Kim 2 Ki Tae Nam 1

1Seoul National Univ Seoul Korea (the Republic of)2Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) Daejeon Korea (the Republic of)3Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, POSTECH Pohang Korea (the Republic of)

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3:30 AM - K2.04
The Monitoring of Surface Chemistry for Enhancing Electrocatalytic Performance of Perovskite Catalyst via Heat-Treating Approach

Jae-Il Jung 1 Hu Young Jeong 1 Min Gyu Kim 2 Gyutae Nam 1 Joohyuk Park 1 Jaephil Cho 1

1Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Ulsan Korea (the Republic of)2Pohang University of Science and Technology Pohang Korea (the Republic of)

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3:45 AM - K2.05
Oxygen Reduction/Evolution Activity of Pr/Sm Based Mixed-Perovskite/Graphene Composite for Applications in Alkaline Fuel Cells and Metal-Air Batteries

Praveen Kolla 1 Matthew Schrandt 2 Alevtina Smirnova 1

1South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Rapid City United States2South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Rapid City United States

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