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2015 MRS Spring Meeting Logo2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 6-10, 2015 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Artur Braun, Hongyou Fan, Ken Haenen, Lia Stanciu, Jeremy A. Theil

Symposium R : Photoactive Nanoparticles and Nanostructures

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Symposium Organizers

Feng Bai, Henan University
Pingyun Feng, University of California, Riverside
Ying-Bing Jiang, Angstrom Thin Film Technologies LLC
Zaicheng Sun, Changchun Institute of Optics

Symposium Support

Angstrom Thin Film Technologies, LLC.
Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, China
Henan University
Kemin Electronic Equipment Technology Co Ltd.
R2: Photocatalytic Nanostructures II
Session Chairs
Gang Liu
Yujiang Song
Tuesday PM, April 07, 2015
Moscone West, Level 2, Room 2022

2:30 AM - *R2.01
Exciton Transport, Charge Separation and H2 Generation in Colloidal Semiconductor-Metal Nanorod Heterostructures

Tianquan Lian 1 Kaifeng Wu 1

1Emory University Atlanta United States

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3:00 AM - *R2.02
Design and Construction of Nanostructured Photoactive Materials for Solar Fuel Conversion and Environmental Remediation

Jinhua Ye 1 2 Xianguang Meng 1 Kun Chang 1 Shuxin Ouyang 2 Tao Wang 1 Lequan Liu 1 2 Defa Wang 2

1National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) Ibaraki Japan2Tianjin University Tianjin China

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3:30 AM - R2.03
Light-Controlled Synthesis of Uniform Platinum Nanodendrites with Markedly Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity

Yujiang Song 1

1Dalian Institue of Chemical Physics, CAS Dalian China

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3:45 AM - R2.04
Gold - Zinc Oxide Hybrid Nanosystem for Solar Water Splitting

Alina Chanaewa 1 Michaela Meyns 2 Christian Klinke 2 Elizabeth von Hauff 1

1VU Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands2University of Hamburg Hamburg Germany

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4:00 AM -

4:30 AM - *R2.05
UV-Vis-NIR Full Solar Spectrum Photocatalysis: Design, Synthesis and Applications

Hong Liu 1

1Shandong University Jinan China

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5:00 AM -

5:15 AM - R2.07
alpha;-Fe2O3 Semiconductor Synthesis, Characterization and Photoelectrocatalytical Properties

Eduardo Cesar Melo Barbosa 1 Renata Afonso 1 Adriana Campano Lucilha 1 Luiz Henrique Dall Antonia 1

1Universidade Estadual de Londrina Londrina Brazil

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5:30 AM - R2.08
Manipulation of Nanoscale Pattern Formation in Photoelectrochemically Deposited Chalcogenide Films Using Multiple Beam Illumination

Azhar Iqbal Carim 2 Nicolas Anthony Batara 1 Anjali Premkumar 2 Nathan Lewis 2

1California Inst of Technology Pasadena United States2California Institute of Technology Pasadena United States

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5:45 AM - R2.09
Intragap States-Induced Visible Light Absorption of TiO2 Nanoparticles: En Route to Solar Fuel Production

Houman Yaghoubi 1 Arash Takshi 1 Rudy Schlaf 1

1University of South Florida Tampa United States

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R1: Photocatalytic Nanostructures I
Session Chairs
Pingyun Feng
Zaicheng Sun
Tuesday AM, April 07, 2015
Moscone West, Level 2, Room 2022

9:45 AM - *R1.01
Reversible Photocatalytic Color Switching for Ink-Free Rewritable Media

Yadong Yin 1

1University of California, Riverside Riverside United States

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10:15 AM - *R1.02
Noble Metal-Silver Halide Hybrid Nanoparticles for Solar Energy Conversion

Yugang Sun 1

1Argonne National Laboratory Lemont United States

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10:45 AM - R1.03
Plasmon-Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation from Biofuels

Titilayo Shodiya 1 Jena Barnes 1 Ivonna Dumanyan 1 Nico Hotz 1

1Duke University Durham United States

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11:00 AM -

11:30 AM - *R1.04
Engineering the Compositions and Components of Photocatalysts for High Photocatalytic Activity

Gang Liu 1 Hui-Ming Cheng 1

1Shenyang National Lab. for Mater. Sci., Inst. of Metal Res., CAS Shenyang China

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