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1987 MRS Spring Meeting

April 21-25
Anaheim, California
Meeting Chairs: R. R. Chianelli, Graham K. Hubler, Gregory L. Olson

Technical Symposia

A—Heteroepitaxy on Silicon Technology
B—Rapid Thermal Processing of Electronic Materials
C—Materials Modification and Growth Using Ion Beams
D—Initial Stages of Epitaxial Growth
E—Amorphous Silicon Semiconductors -- Pure and Hydrogenated
F—Permanent Magnet Materials
G—Science and Fabrications of Small Clusters
H—Synthesis and Properties of Novel Catalysts: Carbides, Nitrides, Borides, and Silicides
I—Novel Refractory Semiconductors
J—Geological Materials: Silicate Melts and Glasses
K—Plasma Processing and Synthesis of Materials
L—Materials for Aerospace Applications
S—High Temperature Superconductors with Tc over 30K
X—Frontiers of Materials Research