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1988 MRS Spring Meeting

April 5-9
Reno, Nevada
Meeting Chairs: David E. Clark, Clifton W. Draper, C. T. Liu

Technical Symposia

A—Heteroepitaxy on Silicon: Fundamental, Structures, and Devices
B—Materials for Controlled-Release Environments
C—Process Diagnostics
D—Diamond and Diamond-Like Materials Synthesis
E—Amorphous Silicon Technology
F—Adhesion in Solids
G—High-Temperature/High-Performance Composites
H—Better Ceramics through Chemistry III
I—Interfacial Structure, Properties, and Design
J—Science and Technology of Refractory Alloys
K—High-Temperature Superconductors
L—Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology
M—Microwave Processing of Materials
N—Materials Stability and Environmental Degradation
P—Advanced Surface Processes for Optoelectronics
X—Frontiers of Materials Research