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1990 MRS Spring Meeting

April 16-21
San Francisco, California
Meeting Chairs: John C. Bravman, C. Jeffrey Briner, William Butler

Technical Symposia

A—Better Ceramics Through Chemistry IV
B—Advanced Metallizations in Microelectronics
C—Polysilicon Thin Films and Interfaces
D—Critical Currents in High Temperature Superconductors
E—High Resolution Electron Microscropy of Defects in Materials
F—Degradation Mechanisms in Compound Semiconductor Devices & Structures
G—Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology II
H—Materials for Sensors and Separations
I—Alloy Phase Stability and Design
J—Thin Film Structures and Phase Stability
K—Thin Films: Stresses and Mechanical Properties II
L—Microwave Processing of Materials
M—Plasma Processing and Synthesis of Materials
N—Laser Ablation for Materials Synthesis
O—Amorphous Silicon Technology
P—Surface and Near Surface Structure of Polymers and Polymer Interfaces
Q—Atomic Scale Calculations of Structure in Materials
R—Intermetallic Matrix Composites
S—Physical Phenomena in Granular Materials
T—Superplasticity on Metals, Ceramics and Intermetallics
U—Materials Interactions Relevant to the Pulp, Paper and Wood Industries
V—Epitaxial Heterostructures
W—Workshop on Specimen Preparation for Transmission Electroni Microscopy II
X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Y—Ferroelectric Thin Films