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1991 MRS Spring Meeting

April 29–May 4
Anaheim, California
Meeting Chairs: A.K. Hays, Ernesto E. Marinero, Carl V. Thompson

Technical Symposia

A—Amorphous Silicon Technology
B—Silicon Molecular Beam Epitaxy
C—Heteroepitaxy of Dissimilar Materials
D—Atomic Layer Growth and Processing
E—Low Energy Ion Beam and Plasma Modification of Materials
F—Rapid Thermal and Integrated Processing
G—Materials Reliability Issues in Microelectronics
H—Mechanical Behavior of Materials and Structures in Microelectronics
I—Contamination Control in Microelectronics
J—Materials Science of High Temperature Polymers for Microelectronics
K—Polymer Alloys
L—Polymer Lifetimes
M—Polymeric Materials for Integrated Optics and Information Storage
N—Materials for Optical Information Processing
O—Molecular Tribology
P—Interfaces in High Temperature Superconducting Systems
Q—Structure/Property Relatinship for Metal/Metals Interfaces
R—Phase Transformation Kinetics in Thin Films
S—Magnetic Thin Films, Multilayers and Surfaces
T—Magnetic Materials: Microstructure and Properties
U—Synthesis/Characterization and Novel Applications of Molecular Sieve Materials
V—Modern Perspectives on Thermolectrics and Related Materials
W—Environmentally Conscious Materials Processing
X—Frontiers of Materials Research