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1992 MRS Spring Meeting

April 27-May 1
San Francisco, California
Meeting Chairs: June D. Passaretti, Lynn E. Rehn, Dale W. Schaefer

Technical Symposia

A—Amorphous Silicon Technology
B—Chemical Surface Preparatino, Passivation and Cleaning for Semiconductor Growth and Processing
C—Advanced Metallization and Processing for Semiconductor Devices and Circuits - II
D—Photo-Induced Space Charge Effects in Semiconductors: Photoconductivity, Spectroscopy and Electro-Optics
E—Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Growth, Processing and Device Technology
F—Mechanisms of Heteroepitaxial Growth
G—Electronic Packaging Materials VI
H—Materials Reliability
Ia—Materials Interactions Relevant to Recycling of Wood-Based Materials
Ib—Materials for Energy Technologies
Ic—Materials for Separation Technology
J—Materials Issues in Art And Archaeology III
K—Materials Modification by Energetic Atoms and Ions
L—Microwave Processing of Materials
M—Novel Forms of Carbon
N—Better Ceramics through Chemistry V
O—Chemical Processes in Inorganic Materials: Metal and Semiconductor Clusters and Colloids
P—Aerosol Precursors to Materials
Q—Intermetallic Matrix Composites II
R—Submicron Multiphase Materials
S—Layered Superconductors: Fabrication, Properties and Applications
T—Defect Structures in Crystalline Electronic Oxides
U/Y—"Smart" Materials Fabrication/Materials for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
V—Macromolecular Host-Guest Complexes: Optical and Optoelectronic Properties and Applications
W—Computational Methods in Materials Science
X—Frontiers of Materials Research