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1994 MRS Spring Meeting

April 4-8
San Francisco, California
Meeting Chairs: James M. E. Harper, Alan J. Hurd, James E. Mark

Technical Symposia

A—Amorphous Silicon Technology
B—Advanced Metallization for Devices and Circuits—Science, Technology and Manufacturability III
C—Materials Reliability in Microelectronics IV
D—Diamond, SiC and Nitride Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors
E—Compound Semiconductor Epitaxy
F—Epitaxial Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures
G—Rapid Thermal and Integrated Processing III
H—Polycrystalline Thin Films - Grain Strucuture, Texture, Properties and Applications
I—Materials and Processes for Environmental Protection
J—Environmental Sciences
K—Liquid Crystal Polymers
L—Electroluminescent Polmyers
M—Flat Panel Display Materials
N—Better Ceramics through Chemistry VI
O—Microwave Processing of Materials IV
P—Scintillator and Phosphor Materials
Q—Materials in Musical Instruments
R—Materials for Separation Technology
S—High-Temperature Superconductors—Multilayers, Interfaces, and Applications
T—Novel Forms of Carbon II
U—Intermetallic Matrix Composites Composites III
V—Molecularly Designed Ultrafine/Nanostructured Materials
W—Theory and Simulation of Time-Dependent Processes in Materials
X—Frontiers of Materials Research