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Spring 2009 Logo2009 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 13-17, 2009
| San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Paul R. Besser, Peter Fratzl, Nicola Spaldin, Terry M. Tritt

Symposium GG : Electron Crystallography for Materials Research

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Symposium Organizers

Peter Moeck Portland State University
Sven Hovmoeller Stockholm University
Stavros Nicolopoulos NanoMEGAS SPRL
Philip Fraundorf University of Missouri-St. Louis
Sergei Rouvimov Portland State University

Symposium Support

Crystal Impact
E.A. Fishione Instruments, Inc
Gatan Inc
Hummingbird Scientific
Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, Portland State University
GG1: Theory and Practice of Precession and Rotation Electron Diffraction
Session Chairs
Sven Hovmoeller
Stavros Nicolopoulos
Tuesday PM, April 14, 2009
Room 2002 (Moscone West)

9:00 AM - **GG1.1
Precession Electron Diffraction: Towards Routine Structure Solution

Paul Midgley 1 , Thomas White 1 , Alex Eggeman 1 , Erica Bithell 1
1 , University of Cambridge, Cambridge United Kingdom

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9:30 AM - **GG1.2
Prospects for Obtaining Rigorous Structure Factors from Precession Electron Diffraction.

Wharton Sinkler 1
1 Corporate Research, UOP LLC, Des Plaines, Illinois, United States

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10:30 AM - **GG1.4
Complete 3D Electron Diffraction Data Using the Rotation Method.

X. Zou 1 , Peter Oleynikov 1
1 Berzelii Center EXSELENT on Porous Materials, Structural Chemistry, Stockholm Sweden

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11:00 AM - **GG1.5
Automated Electron Diffraction Tomography and Precession Technique

Ute Kolb 1 , Enrico Mugnaioli 1 , Tatiana Gorelik 1
1 Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Johannes Gutenberg Universität , 55128 Mainz Germany

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11:30 AM - **GG1.6
Solving Unknown Complex Oxide Structures by Precession Electron Diffraction: The Case of LiTi1.5Ni0.5O4.

Holger Klein 1 , Mauro Gemmi 2 1 , Amelie Rageau 1
1 MCMF, Institut Néel, CNRS and UJF , Grenoble France, 2 Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra - Ardito Desio, Università di Milano, Milano Italy

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