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ACNS 2016 was held onboard the legendary Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner that sailed the Atlanticfrom 1936 to 1967. Her makers, the famous Cunard Line, spared no expense when building the Queen Mary, and she is regarded as the most luxurious and grand ocean liner of her time—carrying Hollywood celebrities, royalty and dignitaries alike. But when the Queen Mary docked in New York in September 1939, World War II had started, and she was transformed into a troopship. The Queen Mary was painted a camouflaged grey color and stripped of her luxurious amenities. Dubbed the "Grey Ghost" because of her stealth and stark color, the Queen Mary was the largest and fastest troopship to sail in WWII, capable of transporting as many as 16,000 troops at 30 knots. After the war, the Queen Mary was retrofitted back to her original glory, and in 1947, resumed regular passenger service. In 1967, the Queen Mary departed on her final cruise, arriving in Long Beach, California, where she now calls home. Today, the Queen Mary is a floating hotel, tourist attraction and event venue

Tours and Attractions aboard the Queen Mary

  • Self-Guided Shipwalk
    Complimentary for all registered hotel guests ($24.95 per adult for non-registered guests).
  • Diana: Legacy of a Princess
    Explore a collection of evening gowns, dresses, personal accessories, photographs, heirlooms and other memorabilia associated with Princess Diana and the royal family.
  • The Glory Days Historical
    Learn about the ship's past, including its construction, involvement in WWII and glory days as the world's most luxurious ocean liner.
  • Ghosts and Legends
    In this interactive special effects adventure, find out why the Queen Mary is known as a haunted ship.
  • Haunted Encounters
    Explore the Queen Mary's haunted past through stories of the most famous ghost sightings and tours of the ship's paranormal hotspots.
  • Self-Guided Audio Tour
    Explore the Queen Mary at your own pace. Currently offered in English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese. Free for registered hotel guests.

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