Giant Rectification in Strongly-Interacting Driven Tilted Systems

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Nov 28, 2023
10:30am - 10:45am

Hynes, Level 3, Ballroom B



Juan Mendoza-Arenas1,2,Stephen Clark2

University of Pittsburgh1,University of Bristol2


Juan Mendoza-Arenas1,2,Stephen Clark2

University of Pittsburgh1,University of Bristol2
Correlated quantum systems feature a wide range of nontrivial effects emerging from interactions between their constituting particles. In nonequilibrium scenarios, these manifest in phenomena such as many-body insulating states and anomalous scaling laws of currents of conserved quantities, crucial for applications in quantum circuit technologies. In this work [1] we propose a giant rectification scheme in one-dimensional systems based on the asymmetric interplay between strong particle interactions and a tilted potential, each of which induces an insulating state on their own. While for reverse bias both cooperate and induce a strengthened insulator with an exponentially suppressed current, for forward bias they compete generating conduction resonances; this leads to a rectification coefficient of many orders of magnitude. Based on numerical and analytical calculations, we uncover the mechanism underlying these resonances as enhanced coherences between energy eigenstates occurring at avoided crossings in the system's bulk energy spectrum. Furthermore, we demonstrate the complexity of the many-body nonequilibrium conducting state through the emergence of enhanced density matrix impurity and operator space entanglement entropy close to the resonances. Our proposal paves the way for implementing a perfect diode in currently-available electronic and quantum simulation platforms.<br/><br/>[1] J.J. Mendoza-Arenas and S.R. Clark, arXiv:2209.11718 (2022).


electrical properties | quantum materials

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