Thermoformable All-Ceramics Through AM and Particle Assembly

When and Where

Nov 30, 2023
1:30pm - 2:00pm

Sheraton, Second Floor, Republic B



Randall Erb1,Jason Bice1,Echo St. Germain1

Northeastern University1


Randall Erb1,Jason Bice1,Echo St. Germain1

Northeastern University1
Thermoforming processing, traditionally reserved for thermoplastic polymers and sheet metals, has been extended here to boron-based all-ceramics. Specifically, sintered boron nitride composite sheets manufactured via a combined vibration and tape-casting photopolymerization process exhibited highly oriented microstructure which allowed these preform sheets to flow as viscous Bingham pseudoplastics during compression molding. These sintered all-ceramic preforms are thermoformed into thin, complex parts with features down to 200 μm. Further, a new workflow is leveraged to generate bespoke all-ceramic heat spreaders that can be press-fit onto printed circuit boards and outperform metal heat sinks as a low-profile thermal management solution. This work offers a route for other all-ceramics that may be thermoformed through first fabricating pre-forms with highly-ordered anisotropic microstructures.


ceramic | thermal conductivity | thermal diffusivity

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Allison Beese, The Pennsylvania State University
A. John Hart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sarah Wolff, The Ohio State University
Wen Chen, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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