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NM06.13.04 2022 MRS Fall Meeting

Continuous Liquid Metal Printed 2D TCO Superlattices

When and Where

Dec 2, 2022
2:15pm - 2:30pm

Hynes, Level 2, Room 207



William Scheideler1,Youxiong Ye1,Andrew Hamlin1,Md Saifur Rahman1,Julia Huddy1

Dartmouth College1


William Scheideler1,Youxiong Ye1,Andrew Hamlin1,Md Saifur Rahman1,Julia Huddy1

Dartmouth College1
Two-dimensional (2D) conducting metal oxides offer unprecedented control of thin film electrostatics at the nanoscale. We present a scalable, roller-based continuous liquid metal printing (CLMP) approach for fabricating large area (100 cm<sup>2</sup>) layered transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) via rapid low-temperature Cabrera-Mott oxidation of compliant liquid metals (Ga, In). We exploit repeating heterostructures of these 2D oxides (3 nm per layer) to produce TCOs at 180 °C with record conductivity while simultaneously raising visible range transmittance above 98%. HRTEM and XRD characterization reveal the unique 2D film morphology consisting of large grained cubic InO<sub>x</sub> layered with amorphous GaO<sub>x</sub>. To investigate the impact of modulation doping at the type I heterojunction between InO<sub>x</sub> / GaO<sub>x</sub>, we also present XPS, UV-Vis, and Hall characterization. Our rapid (6 m / min) low-temperature CLMP approach yields flexible TCOs that demonstrate 20X enhanced strain tolerance while requiring zero post-annealing and offering greater conductivity than low-temperature ITO, which is limited by poor dopant activation. These capabilities establish CLMP 2D TCOs as a promising set of transparent electrode materials for flexible optoelectronic devices such as photodetectors and displays.


2D materials | electrical properties

Symposium Organizers

Nicholas Glavin, Air Force Research Laboratory
Aida Ebrahimi, The Pennsylvania State University
SungWoo Nam, University of California, Irvine
Won Il Park, Hanyang University

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