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Symposium QT05-Advances in Detection Methods for Emergent Phases in Quantum Materials

Quantum materials, such as superconductors and topological insulators, all display exotic emergent phases with non-trivial topology that require characterisation at multiple extremes: ultrafast timescales, nanometre length scales, cryogenic temperatures, and high applied fields (magnetic, strain, pressure). This symposium covers recent progress in the multiscale advanced characterization, synthesis and theoretical modeling of exotic quantum objects and emergent phases within materials to disentangle and understand the complex interactions at these extremes. We showcase a range of characterisation techniques, including ultrafast near-field imaging and spectroscopy, attosecond spectroscopy, magnetometry, and transmission electron microscopy, and their application on multiferroics, topological insulators, Moiré van der Waals materials, and other emerging systems. The symposium will also showcase state-of-the-art material platforms such free-standing thin-film oxide membranes, stacks of two-dimensional materials, and combinations thereof. This symposium aims to highlight theoretical developments in understanding complex electronic interactions, non-equilbrium dynamics, and emergent nano-/meso-scale textures in quantum materials. The contributions will address basic scientific issues, discovery of new phenomena, limiting factors in the practical application of emergent topological phases in quantum materials and device design. This symposium aims to bring together scientific experts and young scientists from synthesis, characterization, and modeling, to foster interactions and surpass current technical limitations to the discovery of novel materials and quantum functionalities.

Topics will include:

  • Time-resolved and ultrafast measurements
  • Three dimensional characterisation and reconstruction of higher order topologies
  • Atomic-scale charge, spin and phonon characterization
  • Controlled formation and movement of topological structures
  • Theoretical simulation and modeling of mechanically, electrically and magnetically driven processes
  • Advancements in cryogenic electron microscopy holders, such as temperature control and extreme low liquid helium temperatures
  • Synergies with theoretical methods and data science
  • Advanced data acquisition and analysis methods (including AI/ML) for operando characterisation techniques
  • Phase transitions and dynamic process at cryogenic temperatures
  • A tutorial complementing this symposium is tentatively planned.

Invited Speakers (tentative):

  • Zakaria Al Balushi (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
  • Sarah Burke (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • Fabrizio Carbone (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Lesley Cohen (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Richard Curry (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Seamus Davis (University College Cork, Ireland)
  • Claire Donnelly (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Germany)
  • Rafal Dunin-Borkowski (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany)
  • Jennifer Fowlie (Stanford University, USA)
  • Jordan Hachtel (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)
  • Jorge Íñiguez (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg)
  • Cameron Johnson (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
  • Olga Kazakova (National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom)
  • Budhika Mendis (Durham University, United Kingdom)
  • David Muller (Cornell University, USA)
  • Margaret Murnane (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
  • Amanda Petford-Long (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
  • Quentin Ramasse (SuperSTEM National Laboratory, United Kingdom)
  • Satoshi Sasoski (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
  • Yu-Tsun Shao (University of Southern California, USA)
  • Naoya Shibata (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Sandhya Susarla (Arizona State University, USA)
  • Jessica Wade (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Haidan Wen (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)

Symposium Organizers

Michele Conroy
Imperial College London
United Kingdom

Jessica Boland
University of Manchester
United Kingdom
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Ismail El Baggari
Harvard University
Rowland Institute
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Juan Carlos Idrobo
University of Washington
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

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