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Symposium SB02-Charge Carrier Transport in Organic and Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials

Understanding the intricacies of charge-carrier transport in organic semiconductors, and more recently organic-inorganic hybrid semiconductors remains a significant challenge. Despite the growing number of applications of these materials, being as charge-carrier transport interlayers in optoelectronic devices, active materials in thermoelectric generators, electrode or binder materials in batteries, to name a few, the design of high-performing semiconductors continues to be difficult due to limited knowledge related to the intricate interplay among molecular and polymer structure, dopant chemistry, dopant-host interactions, and semiconductor morphology. This symposium will deliver an interdisciplinary platform to discuss the most recent advances in molecular and material design and charge-carrier transport theory to address the most pressing challenges with regard to material engineering to enable the development of next-generation semiconducting materials and emerging device technologies. Examples include intrinsic conductors such as open-shell polymers and organo-metallic coordination polymers demonstrating unprecedented charge-carrier transport properties (>1000 S cm-1), thereby pushing the boundaries of current transport models and theory. Novel dopant and host material design approaches to enhance dopant miscibility and improve molecular doping through innovative processing such as ion exchange, Lewis acid doping, thermally activated doping and double doping to name a few. Advances in model and theory development will be deeply integrated into materials and characterization-focused sessions to demonstrate the critical roles of the synthesis-processing-characterization-modeling-application feedback loops that are required to move beyond trial-and-error approaches to materials design and discovery.

Topics will include:

  • Design and synthesis of organic semiconductors and dopants
  • Open-shell materials
  • Organo-metallic coordination polymers
  • Novel doping approaches
  • Charge-carrier transport modelling
  • Interlayers for opto-electronic devices
  • Organic thermoelectrics
  • Morphology and phase behaviour for doped systems

Invited Speakers (tentative):

  • Ying Diao (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • Ting Lei (Peking University, China)
  • Jianguo Mei (Purdue University, USA)
  • Derya Baran (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)
  • Henning Sirringhaus (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Jenny Nelson (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Erin Ratcliff (The University of Arizona, USA)
  • Jodie Lutkenhaus (Texas A&M University, USA)
  • Seth Marder (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
  • Mariano Campoy-Quiles (Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, Spain)
  • Christine Luscombe (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
  • John Anderson (The University of Chicago, USA)
  • Jason Azoulay (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Jerome Cornil (Univeristy of Mons, Belgium)
  • Oliver Fenwick (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom)
  • Samson Jenekhe (University of Washington, USA)
  • Oana Jurchescu (Wake Forrest University, USA)
  • Michihisa Murata (Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • Christian Mueller (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
  • Alexandra Paterson (University of Kentucky, USA)
  • Guillaume Schweicher (Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
  • Nguyen Thuc-Nguyen (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Alessandro Troisi (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)
  • Igor Zozoulenko (Linköping University, Sweden)

Symposium Organizers

Bob Schroeder
Univeristy College London
United Kingdom
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Xiaodan Gu
The University of Southern Mississippi
Polymer Science and Engineering

Chad Risko
University of Kentucky
College of Arts & Sciences Chemistry
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Natalie Stingelin
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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