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Symposium SB04-Innovative Device and Characterization Concepts for Organic Electronics

Organic semiconductors provide structural tunability at the level of both synthesis and processing. Such tunable structure promises equally tunable function, a concept being realized in the myriad of devices with application in healthcare, energy harvesting and storage, wearable electronics, etc. Thanks to a enormous cross-disciplinary research effort, high-performance transistors, photovoltaic cells, and LEDs have been realized and will continue improving. Benchmarks are being defined, set, and broken in more recent device concepts, such as OECTs, biomimetics, and more. The focus of this symposium is recent research related to the advancement of organic electronic devices including challenges such as green fabrication strategies and stability. Of further interest are creative architectures improving transport and operation; functional defects and interlayers; charge, ion, and quasi-particle transport. For further improvement of performance, detailed analysis and inventive characterization approaches capturing the behavior of films, interfaces and devices are paramount. Hence, this symposium aims to highlight progress in and foster discussions on high precision metrology, as well as multi-modal and in situ/operando characterization . The goal is to create an interdisciplinary platform to discuss emerging strategies and challenges to understand and improve organic electronic devices.

Topics will include:

  • Charge/ion transport, charge injection and charge trapping as well as doping and functional defects
  • Structure-property relationships
  • Operational and environmental device stability as well as high-throughput characterization
  • Transistors (field-effect, vertical, bi-polar, and electrochemical)
  • Light-emitting devices (e.g. OLEDs, OLETs, lasers) as well as power generators (e.g. thermoelectric, photovoltaic, ratchets)
  • Bioelectronic devices (e.g. sensors, memory, neuromorphic) as well as conformable and stretchable devices
  • Green processing and transient, biodegradable electronics

Invited Speakers (tentative):

  • Derya Baran (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)
  • Emily Bittle (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA)
  • Paul Blom (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany)
  • Lisa A. Fredin (Lehigh University, USA)
  • C. Daniel Frisbie (University of Minnesota, USA)
  • Ives Geerts (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
  • Xiaodan Gu (University of Southern Mississippi, USA)
  • Sahika Inal (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)
  • Oana Jurchescu (Wake Forest University, USA)
  • Laure Kayser (University of Delaware, USA)
  • Hagen Klauk (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany)
  • Hans Kleemann (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
  • Mario Leclerc (Université Laval, Canada)
  • Karl Leo (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
  • Wei Lin Leong (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  • Christine Luscombe (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
  • Christian Müller (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
  • Tse Nga Ng (University of California, San Diego, USA)
  • Thuc-Quyen Nguyen (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Vitaly Podzorov (Rutgers University, USA)
  • Barry Rand (Princeton University, USA)
  • Erin Ratcliff (The University of Arizona, USA)
  • Garry Rumbles (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA)
  • Alberto Salleo (Stanford University, USA)
  • Tsuyoshi Sekitani (Osaka University, Japan)
  • Henning Sirringhaus (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Natalie Stingelin (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Jun Takeya (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Deepak Venkateshvaran (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Symposium Organizers

Ulrike Kraft
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Paddy K. L. Chan
The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Katelyn Goetz
National Institute of Standards and Technology
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided, [email protected]

Simon Rondeau-Gagné
University of Windsor
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided, [email protected]

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