Symposium CH06-Exploring Fast and Ultrafast Dynamics of Matter with Electrons and Photons

The development of methods for visualizing the atomic-scale nature of matter has proven to be instrumental for understanding the structural origin of functionality in biological, chemical and materials systems. Due to the dynamic nature of function, the need to understand fast, complex physical phenomena through direct in situ observation has stimulated the development of fast and ultrafast probing techniques based on electrons and photons. The ultrafast probing techniques combined with in situ and multimodal acquisition capabilities have been utilized to gain a fundamental understanding of dynamic processes occurring in materials and biological structures. This symposium will focus on the current progress made in the field of advanced fast and ultrafast in situ characterization techniques, including ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy, X-ray based techniques, and complementary multimodal implementations. Worldwide specialists will present new science, techniques, and data analysis and discuss future directions and exciting emerging research areas.

Topics will include:

  • Structural, electronic, and magnetic dynamics unveiled by ultrafast microscopy, diffraction, and spectroscopy.
  • Novel molecular and material processes that have been enable by ultrafast microscopy, diffraction, spectroscopy.
  • Photon-electron interactions by femtosecond optical and/or electron pulses, coherent control of quantum system, electron state manipulation
  • Multimodality approaches in ultrafast techniques
  • Materials under extreme conditions
  • Understanding and mitigating high intensity beam effects on materials
  • Atomic scale single-particle dynamics and molecular processes
  • Fundamental challenges in designing ultrafast coherent and high-brightness probes (source, optical system, and detection)
  • Discoveries, new physical insights, and paradigm tests that have occurred because of developments and advancements in ultrafast characterization techniques
  • In situ electron and X-ray-based ultrafast microscopy, diffraction and spectroscopy techniques and their application in materials science.

Invited Speakers:

  • Ilke Arslan (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
  • Florian Banhart (Université de Strasbourg, France)
  • Naomi Ginsberg (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
  • Kyoko Ishizaka (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Ido Kaminer (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)
  • Ye-Jin Kim (California Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Martin Kozak (Univerzita Karlova, Czech Republic)
  • Oh-Hoon Kwon (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
  • Bolin Liao (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Aaron Lindenberg (Stanford University, USA)
  • Ulrich Lorenz (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Renske M. van der Veen (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany)
  • Anton Malko (The University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
  • Keith Nelson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Archana Raja (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
  • Chong-Yu Ruan (Michigan State University, USA)
  • Sascha Schäfer (University of Regensburg, Germany)
  • Murat Sivis (University of Göttingen, Germany)

Symposium Organizers

Volkan Ortalan
University of Connecticut
Materials Science and Engineering
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Libai Huang
Purdue University

Omar F Mohammed
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Materials Science and Engineering
Saudi Arabia
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Ding-Shyue (Jerry) Yang
University of Houston
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

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