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Craving more content and connections? The Seattle Experience paid registration includes access to the 2024 MRS Virtual Spring Meeting—and there's still time for you to join us! Access to virtual content is available through June 15, 2024. Register now for virtual presentations of fresh content from select symposia, connect with peers in the virtual platform, and view a select collection of symposia presentations at your convenience.

Virtual Platform Access

Virtual content available until June 15, 2024.

You will need to use your MRS account to register, so please take a moment before beginning your registration to ensure your MRS account is up to date. Not sure if you have an MRS account? Check out this page and create one for free.


Reduced Registration Rates for Developing Countries

In order to serve students and professionals from all economic sectors of the worldwide materials community, MRS is offering discounted registration rates for individuals studying or working in developing countries. Click here for more information »


Press Pass Applications

MRS encourages coverage of its technical meetings and exhibits by the scientific and general news media. Press passes are issued to editors and reporters representing bonafide news publications only. A maximum of four press passes will be allotted per company. 

Regular Rates

Valid beginning March 22, 2024

The Seattle Experience
Includes all benefits of the Virtual Experience 

  • Meeting Registration—$1,125
  • Meeting Registration with Member Discount—$975
  • Student Registration—$290
  • Student Registration with Member Discount—$250
  • Unemployed—$285
  • Retired—$285

The Virtual Experience 

  • Meeting Registration—$505
  • Meeting Registration with Member Discount—$355
  • Student Registration—$190
  • Student Registration with Member Discount—$150
  • Unemployed—$140
  • Retired—$140


Cancellation Policy

To cancel your meeting registration order, you must notify MRS in writing of your request for a refund. The timing of your request is important in determining refund amounts. Refunds will be made upon receipt of written refund request within the following guidelines:

  • Registration cancellation by March 21, 2024:
    Registration fee paid will be refunded in full.
  • Registration cancellation made March 22 - April 21, 2024:
    Individuals registered as professionals will receive a refund of the registration fees paid, less an administrative fee of $175. No refunds will be provided to those registered as students, retired or unemployed.
  • Registration cancellation made on or after April 22, 2024:
    Refund requests will not be honored after the start of the meeting (April 22, 2024)

Publishing Alliance

MRS publishes with Springer Nature

Symposium Support