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EN06.02.05 2023 MRS Fall Meeting

Two-Dimensional Organic-Perovskite Hybrid Materials and Heterostructures

When and Where

Nov 27, 2023
3:45pm - 4:15pm

Hynes, Level 3, Room 306



Letian Dou1

Purdue University1


Letian Dou1

Purdue University1
Epitaxial heterostructures based on oxide perovskites and III–V, II–VI and transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors form the foundation of modern electronics and optoelectronics. Halide perovskites—an emerging family of tunable semiconductors with desirable properties—are attractive for applications such as solution-processed solar cells, light-emitting diodes, detectors and lasers. Their inherently soft crystal lattice allows greater tolerance to lattice mismatch, making them promising for heterostructure formation and semiconductor integration. Atomically sharp epitaxial interfaces are necessary to improve performance and for device miniaturization. However, epitaxial growth of atomically sharp heterostructures of halide perovskites has not yet been achieved, owing to their high intrinsic ion mobility and their poor chemical stability. Therefore, understanding the origins of this instability and identifying effective approaches to suppress ion diffusion are of great importance. In this talk I will present an effective strategy to substantially inhibit in-plane ion diffusion in two-dimensional halide perovskites by incorporating rigid π-conjugated organic ligands. Highly stable and tunable lateral and vertical epitaxial heterostructures, multiheterostructures and superlattices will be demonstrated. Furthermore, using these 2D heterostructures as a new platform, I will present our recent efforts in 1) quantitatively understanding the anion inter-diffusions and migrations, and 2) controlling and manipulating exciton transport and light-emission in halide perovskites.


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Symposium Organizers

Aron Huckaba, University of Kentucky
Cecilia Mattevi, Imperial College London
Elisa Riedo, New York University
Christopher Sutton, University of South Carolina

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