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EL01.04.04 2023 MRS Spring Meeting

Ge-Rich GST—The PCM Way to Fit Challenges and Requests of the Embedded Market from Automotive to IoT

When and Where

Apr 12, 2023
3:15pm - 3:45pm

Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3001



Massimo Borghi1

STMicroelectronics SRL1


Massimo Borghi1

STMicroelectronics SRL1
The embedded market is trying to find a common platform to support the EV cars revolution with the adoption of more sophisticated ADAS features and widespread demand for chips capable to bring AI at the Edge (IoT). In this scenario, Microcontroller Units (MCU) are pushing the limits for embedded Non Volatile Memories (e-NVM) for what concern size, access time and temperature stability. Phase Change Memory (PCM) is one of the most promising technologies to replace State-of-the-art Floating Gate (FG) memories because it can be integrated in the BackEnd-Of-Line (BEOL), it is compatible with high-k/metal-gate (HKMG) process beyond 40nm and it can afford analog programming and single bit alterability which makes it a promising candidate also for IoT devices with onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI). The convergence of automotive and MCU markets about strong automotive data retention requirements and code integrity maintenance after soldering reflow thermal profile, has fostered the activity for material engineering allowing to develop a Ge-rich chalcogenide alloy (Gerich-GST) able to satisfy both. In the first part of the presentation a review of market trends for memory-enabled solutions with focus on PCM based ones will be given while, in the second part, a technical assessment on the achievements of the 3 years long collaboration within the EU funded project (H2020 - BeforeHand) with the aim to develop novel Ge-rich GST (bulk and heterostructures) alloys with reduced material segregation and programming power will be given.

Symposium Organizers

Stefania Privitera, CNR
Carlos Ríos, University of Maryland
Syed Ghazi Sarwat, IBM
Matthias Wuttig, RWTH Aachen University

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