2016 MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit | Phoenix, Arizona

Activities and Events


Graduate Student Award Finalists' Special Talk Sessions
The MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high level of excellence and distinction.
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Innovation in Materials Characterization Award
Niels de Jonge, Frances M. Ross and Chongmin Wang presented "Transmission Electron Microscopy of Specimens and Processes in Liquid."
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Mid-Career Researcher Award
Hongjie Dai of Stanford University presented "Carbon-Based Nanosciences." 
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MRS Postdoctoral Awards
The 2016 MRS Spring Meeting recipients were Babak Anasori of Drexel University and Shinbuhm Lee of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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Outstanding Young Investigator Award
Two award talks were presented: Dino Di Carlo of the University of California, Los Angeles, presented "Microstructured Materials for Cell Analysis and Regeneration," and Timothy J. White of the Air Force Research Laboratory presented "Programming Liquid Crystal Elastomers—Elasticity, Actuation and Beyond."
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Featured Events

Focus on Sustainability
MRS offered a series of programs and special events focused on sustainability practices.
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The second edition of iMatSci provided materials-based innovators with a platform to demonstrate the practical applications of their technologies, while connecting these innovators to potential sources of venture capital.

MRS Bulletin Special Issue Session—Materials & Engineering: Propelling Innovation
MRS Bulletin conducted a special session aimed at capturing the unique relationship between advanced materials and their engineering applications, which are closely intertwined.
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MRS Communications Lecture
David C. Martin of the University of Delaware presented a lecture based on his MRS Communications paper: "Molecular design, synthesis and characterization of conjugated polymers for interfacing electronic biomedical devices with living tissue."
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Plenary Session
Cato Laurencin of the University of Connecticut presented "Regenerative Engineering: Convergence Built Upon Materials Science."
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Sales and Marketing through the Lifecycle of Your Company Seminar
From startup through exit strategy, this presentation provided attendees with guidance on the patent process, branding strategy, product launches, channel expansions and other activities that are crucial to their startup.

Science as Art Competition
The competition was open to all registered meeting attendees. Multiple first-place and second-place awards of $400 and $200, respectively, were presented to the winning entries at the meeting.

Startup Bootcamp: A Skills Workshop
This program covered the process of spinning out intellectual property into startup companies, the basics of tech transfer, and validating startup ideas by defining value propositions and identifying customer segments.

Student Mixer
Students networked during the Student Mixer.
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Sustainability in My Community Poster Exhibition
All MRS University Chapters were invited to participate in this poster exhibition intended to highlight materials-related sustainable activities in local communities and to promote interactions with society.
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Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Lectures were held Tuesday through Thursday. Speakers included Annette Richards, Catherine Oertel, Gerbrand Ceder and John Spence. Read the Meeting Scene recaps by selecting the speakers name.

Technology Innovation Forum
The tenth Technology Innovation Forum explored the opportunities and challenges in how best to utilize government labs for bringing new materials technologies to market.
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Tutorial Sessions
14 tutorial sessions were offered Monday. 

Career Central

Career Fair
Highlights included on-site interviews, career development sessions, resume critiques, mock interviews and networking opportunities.

Essentials of Getting Your Work Published
MRS journal editors-in-chief covered the fundamentals of successful scientific publishing.

Go Ahead—BE PROUD—The Art of Bragging and Being Heard
How much is too much? How much is enough? Ever wonder what to say to convince people why you should be selected to do something or lead something or be accepted or promoted? Ever wonder when what you say is bragging and when it is simply being proud and sharing facts?

Incorporating Sustainability Principles into Your Research
Attendees learned how to incorporate sustainability principles into materials research, product design and manufacture that are comprehensive, commercially viable and have a global impact.

Marketing Your Value
How to stay on message as you communicate your career goals and innovations

Poster Presentation Success
How to design, prepare and present a winning poster 

Public Speaking and Communications Seminar
Attendees learned the fundamentals of sharing science with Alaina G. Levine of Quantum Success Solutions.

Resume Critiques—Mock Interviews
MRS had recruiters and mentors on hand to assist with recommendations on improving your resume, to conduct mock interviews, and to provide career guidance.

Science communication: How to use social media for connecting with colleagues and the press
This workshop helped materials researchers understand how to leverage social media as a networking tool as well as a way to promote their work through the press.

SOCIAL STYLE–Building Highly Productive Relationships
People skills are essential to good communication, a “must” for volunteers and everyone who is charged with achieving results through others.  

Tech Entrepreneurship 101 for STEM Professionals: Identifying innovations and networking nodes to advance commercialization
How to commercialize your great ideas in any economy

Women in Materials Science & Engineering Breakfast
Dianne Chong of Boeing Engineering Operations & Technology (retired) presented "Innovation." 
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Government Agency Presentations

Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship Program Information Session
Attendees learned about the MRS/OSA and MRS/TMS Congressional Fellowships and heard from Fellows about their experiences as scientists in the Senate and House of Representatives. 

Current Topics in Materials Science and Policy
This forum examined key issues related to funding for materials research and provided updates on recent policy initiatives.  

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
John Main of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency presented "Doing Business with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—Defense Sciences Office."

Materials Voice
Your letters make a difference. We want to ensure that the commitment by Congress and the Administration to fund science continues.

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Eric Lin of the National Institute of Standards and Technology presented "Advancing Technology through Measurement Science."

National Science Foundation—Division of Materials Research
Linda S. Sapochak of the National Science Foundation provided an overview of the Division of Materials Research and funding opportunities for materials research. 

U.S. Army Research Office—Materials Science Division
Pani Varanasi of the U.S. Army Research Office presented "Transforming the Army with Basic Research in Materials Science."

U.S. Department of Energy—Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Mark Johnson of the U.S. Department of Energy discussed the Advanced Manufacturing Office as well as advanced manufacturing research and development. 

U.S. Department of Energy—Office of Basic Energy Sciences
Harriet Kung of the U.S. Department of Energy provided an overview of new, transformative research opportunities as well as a summary of new funding opportunities in the FY2017 President’s Budget Request for BES. 

Science Education and Public Outreach

Public Outreach Center
Exciting hands-on activities, demonstrations, information areas and seminars were offered to engage materials scientists and engineers  

Fun Science Stuff in The Hub
Arizona Science Center and Cycle for Science presented entertaining stage shows in The Hub throughout the week.

Hands-On Nano Coffee Breaks
National science museums, universities and researchers presented stimulating educational outreach through hands-on activities in materials science and nanotechnology.

Impact of Materials on Society Booth
At the new IMOS booth, content developers spoke about how to access the curriculum materials, engaging videos and the online course for this adaptable undergraduate course.

National Science Foundation Booth
NSF representatives were available to discuss funding opportunities and much more.  

Publishing Alliance

MRS publishes with Springer Nature