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Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research

Tuesday, May 10
12:15 pm – 1:15 pm
Hawaiʻi Convention Center, Level 4, Kalakaua Ballroom B


This event was livestreamed on our Virtual Meeting platform.


Donhee Ham

Donhee Ham
Harvard University

Brain, Copy and Paste

Reverse engineering the brain by imitating the structure and function of neuronal networks on a semiconductor electronic chip was the original pursuit of neuromorphic engineering, but remains difficult. The focus of neuromorphic engineering has thus been shifted from the rigorous imitation of the biological neuronal network to designs inspired by the network’s overall qualitative features. In this talk, Ham shared his vision that returns neuromorphic electronics to its original pursuit, the brain reverse engineering. The essence is to ‘copy’ the functional synaptic connectivity map of a mammalian neuronal network using a breakthrough neuroelectronic interface that massively parallelizes the intracellular neuronal recording and then ‘paste’ this map onto a state-of-the-art network of non-volatile solid-state memories. This approach to download the biological synaptic connectivity map may one day create a solid-state electronic chip that better approximates the computing abilities of the brain.

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