2020 MRS Spring Meeting

Symposium S.CT05—Defects, Order and Disorder in Structural and Functional Fluorite-Related Compounds

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Symposium Organizers

Maulik Patel, University of Liverpool
Jeffery Aguiar, Lockheed Martin
Gianguido Baldinozzi, University of Paris Saclay
Zhaoming Zhang, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
S.CT05.01: Fluorite Structures
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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.01.01
Layered Atomic Arrangements in Fluorite Derivative Tungstates and Uranates

Kurt Sickafus1

University of Tennessee1

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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.01.02
Understanding Electrical Properties of Nanocrystalline, Mesoporous Composite Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-d Thin Films

Christel Laberty1,Armelle Ringuede2

Sorbonne Université1,PSL2

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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.01.03
Local Structure of Uranium-Neptunium and Uranium-Plutonium Mixed Oxides Using High Resolution Solid-State 17O NMR

Laura Martel1,Jean-François Vigier1,Sarah Nourry1,Antony Guiot1,Jacobus Boshoven1,Joseph Somers1

European Commission1

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.01.04
Investigating Cerium Doped Indium Oxide as a High Mobility Transparent Conducting Oxide

Joe Willis1,2,3,Thomas Featherstone4,Benjamin Williamson5,Jack Swallow4,Leanne Jones4,Tien-Lin Lee3,Pardeep Thakur3,Takeshi Koida6,Tim Veal4,David Scanlon1,2,3

University College London1,Thomas Young Centre2,Diamond Light Source3,University of Liverpool4,Norwegian University of Science and Technology5,AIST Japan6

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S.CT05.02: Pyrochlore Structures
Session Chairs
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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.02.01
New Insight into the Disordering Mechanism in Fluorite-Related Compounds

Maik Lang1

University of Tennessee1

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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.02.02
Elucidating the Relationship between Chemical Order and Mass Transport in Pyrochlores

Blas Uberuaga1,Cortney Kreller1,Matthew Janish1,James Valdez1,Romain Perriot1,Ghanshyam Pilania1,Yongqiang Wang1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.02.04
Understanding the Phase Behaviour of Pyrochlore Bi2Sn2O7

Warda Rahim1,Jonathan Skelton2,Aron Walsh3,David Scanlon1

University College London1,University of Manchester2,Imperial College London3

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.02.05
Investigation of Disorder in Ho2Ti2-xZrxO7: Pyrochlore to Defective Fluorite Chemical Series

Devon Drey1,Eric O'Quinn1,Igor Gussev1,Antonio Fuentes2,Joerg Neuefeind3,Michelle Everett3,Gianguido Baldinozzi4,Maik Lang1

University of Tennessee at Knoxville1,Cinvestav Unidad Saltillo2,Oak Ridge National Laboratory3,Université Paris-Saclay4

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.02.06
Phonon Lifetimes and Thermal Conductivity of La2Zr2O7

Maud Einhorn1,Joe Willis1,2,Kieran Spooner1,Warda Rahim1,David Scanlon1,2

University College London1,Harwell Science and Innovation Campus2

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S.CT05.03: Actinide Systems
Session Chairs
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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.03.01
Disorder and Local Arrangement in the Crystallographic Lattice of UO2 Nuclear Fuel

Lionel Desgranges1


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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.03.02
Complex Oxides in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Context

Sarah Finkeldei1

University of California, Irvine1

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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.03.03
Radiation Effects in UO2 and Other Oddities of the Unstable Valences

Steven Conradson1,2,3,Janne Pakarinen4,Gianguido Baldinozzi5

Institut Jozef Stefan1,Washington State University2,Polaronix Corporation3,Studsvik Nuclear AB4,SPMS, CNRS CentraleSupelec5

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.03.05
Effects of Grain Size on the Radiation Response of CeO2, ThO2, and UO2

William Cureton1,Raul Palomares1,2,Cameron Tracy3,4,Eric O'Quinn1,Rodney Ewing4,Gianguido Baldinozzi5,Jie Lian6,Christina Trautmann7,8,Maik Lang1

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville1,The Boeing Company2,Harvard University3,Stanford University4,University of Paris Saclay5,Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute6,GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung7,Technische Universität Darmstadt8

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.03.06
Self-Irradiation-Induced Disorder in (U0.9238Pu0.1)O2

Emanuele De Bona1,2,Bert Cremer1,Jean-Yves Colle1,Thierry Wiss1,Gianguido Baldinozzi3,Rudy Konings1

European Commission - JRC1,Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf2,Université Paris-Saclay3

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S.CT05.04: Fluorite Derived Structures
Session Chairs
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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.04.02
Order/Disorder in Fluorites—Determination and Impact

Karl Whittle1

University of Liverpool1

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.04.03
Global and Local Structural Modifications in Swift Heavy Ion Irradiated Sc4Hf3O12

Maulik Patel1,Kurt Sickafus2,Gianguido Baldinozzi3

University of Liverpool1,The University of Tennessee, Knoxville2,University of Paris-Saclay3

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.04.04
Multicomponent Equiatomic Rare-Earth Oxide Ceramics

Matheus Pianassola1,2,Madeline Loveday1,2,Jake McMurray3,Merry Koschan2,Charles Melcher2,Mariya Zhuravleva1,2

University of Tennessee, Knoxville1,The University of Tennessee, Knoxville2,Oak Ridge National Laboratory3

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.04.05
High-Solute Grain Boundary Compositional Effects in Ca- and Ba-Doped Ceria

Tara Boland1,Arunima Singh1,Peter Rez1,Peter Crozier1

Arizona State University1

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.04.08
Atomic-Scale Simulation of Defects and Thermophysical Properties in Actinide Mixed Oxides

Paul Fossati1,Conor Galvin2,Patrick Burr2,Michael Cooper3,Robin Grimes4

CEA1,University of New South Wales2,Los Alamos National Laboratory3,Imperial College London4

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.04.09
Locating Facile Oxygen Vacancy Creation and Annihilation Sites on CeO2 Nanoparticle Surfaces

Peter Crozier1,Ethan Lawrence1,Barnaby Levin1,Tara Boland1,Shery Chang1

Arizona State University1

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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.04.10
Influence of Defects on the Structure and Properties of Fluorite-Based Nanostructured Oxides

Pratik Dholabhai1

Rochester Institute of Technology1

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.04.11
An Atomic Level Study of Local Strain Fields on Multiple Low-Index Ceria Nanoparticle Surfaces

Piyush Haluai1,Ethan Lawrence1,Barnaby Levin1,Peter Crozier1

Arizona State University1

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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.04.14
Deviation of Stoichiometry in Yttria Stabilized Zirconia and Amorphous Zirconia

Simon Middleburgh1,Michael Rushton1,Lee Evitts1,Iuliia Ipatova1,William Lee1,2

Bangor University1,Imperial College London2

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.04.16
Operando Visualization of Catalytically Driven Oxygen Transfer at Three-Phase Boundaries on CeO2 Nanoparticles during CO Oxidation

Joshua Vincent1,Peter Crozier1

Arizona State University1

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Available on-demand - S.CT05.04.17
Emergent Oxygen Framework Correlations and Cation Disorder in Fluorite-Related Systems

Gianguido Baldinozzi1,Maulik Patel2

University of Paris Saclay1,University of Liverpool2

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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.04.18
Prediction of U Self-Diffusion and Xe Diffusion in UO2 and Cr-Doped UO2 from Cluster Dynamics Simulations

Anders Andersson1,Christopher Matthews1,Michael Cooper1,Romain Perriot1,Benjamin Liu1,Giovanni Pastore2,Blas Uberuaga1,Christopher Stanek1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1,Idaho National Laboratory2

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Available on-demand - *S.CT05.04.19
Defect-Engineered Multinary Chalcogenide Solar Absorber Materials

David Mitzi1

Duke University1

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