About MRS

MRS Mission, Vision and Values

The Materials Research Society (MRS) is an organization of materials researchers worldwide that promotes communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research and technology to improve the quality of life. 

The Materials Research Society will build a dynamic, interactive, global community of materials researchers to advance technical excellence by providing a framework in which the materials disciplines can convene, collaborate, integrate and advocate.

MRS Diversity Statement
The Materials Research Society recognizes that Diversity drives innovation, excellence and new discoveries. We charge our membership and leadership to engage all demographic groups worldwide in advancing science and technology to improve the quality of life.

MRS Aspiration
MRS engages members across generations to advance their careers and promote materials research and innovation.


          MRS Core Values

     - Promoting technical excellence
     - Being visionary and dynamic
     - Being interdisciplinary 
     - Being broadly inclusive and egalitarian 

          MRS Derived Values

Preserve equality of membership
      - Maintain a diverse membership that encompasses students and professionals from all
        sectors of the materials community 
      - Encourage an active globally-diverse membership
      - Offer programs, products and services that help our members build their professional identity worldwide
     -  Provide effective and rewarding member engagement and volunteering opportunities

Provide high-quality meetings that encourage networking and scientific exchange
     - Facilitate meetings that are interdisciplinary and highlight cutting-edge topics in materials research and technology 

     Dissemination of Information
Take a leadership role in dissemination of information on materials science and technology to the public and to governments 
     -  Provide archival literature in the field of materials research and technology
     -  Advocate for materials sciences 

Encourage a professional, cooperative and dedicated headquarters staff
     -  Be a preferred employer
     -  Support creative, active, responsible and dedicated volunteers
     -  Maintain a sound financial footing
     -  Lead through collaboration, including work with other societies and organizations

Strategic Intent –Relationships and Interactions
The Materials Research Society (MRS), with members from around the world, seeks to offer the highest quality information and forums for communication. MRS recognizes that people in different parts of the world have different cultures and needs, and that approaches tailored to local conditions often best facilitate the promotion of materials research. Therefore, MRS strives to: (1) foster inclusive relationships and interactions with people and organizations worldwide, and (2) to encourage collaborations and bilateral projects that mutually benefit the members of MRS, partner organizations and the materials community.