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Final Review, Exam and Poster

Once you have processed all the content, taken the quizzes, and completed the assignments from Modules 7-12, you are ready to review, submit your final project, and take Exam 2.

Use the list of Key Terms to guide the review of your notes and course materials in preparation for your exam.

Final Project: Materials Poster Presentation 

To synthesize what you have learned throughout this course you will create professional presentation that answers the question:

How might a particular new material impact our lives?

This project is an opportunity for you to reflect upon your own personal learning about the ways that you see the humanities, social sciences, and engineering to connect. Throughout the course, we have been exploring the major social impacts of different materials, which have fundamentally shaped human societies and cultures. We’ve also been discussing the ways in which the social and cultural context of engineering has shaped how we perceive and engineer materials. We have been bringing these lessons together by adding questions to the Impact Paradigm after each module and analyzing entanglement through the use of a tanglegram and images. You should be able to process this learning by integrating the perspectives on materials that we get from different disciplines in a study of one particular material.

Exam 2

Exam 2 questions and answer key are available upon request. Contact Kevin Jones, University of Florida, at