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1995 MRS Spring Meeting

April 17–21, 1995
San Francisco, California
Meeting Chairs: Marcia H. Grabow, George M. Pharr, Jeffrey Y. Tsao


A—Amorphous Silicon Technology
B—Defect and Impurity Engineered Semiconductors and Devices
C—Strained Layer Epitaxy—Materials, Processing, and Device Applications
D—Materials - Fabrication and Patterning at the Nanoscale
E—Visible Light-Emitting Materials and Devices
F—Low-Dielectric Constant Materials—Synthesis and Applications in Microelectronics
G—Structure and Properties of Multilayered Thin Films
H—Fullerenes, Fullerene-Polymer Composites, Carbon Nanotubes and Their Applications
I—Mechanical Behavior of Diamond and Other Forms of Carbon
J—Hard Coatings for Plastic Substrates—Materials, Processes, and Properties
K—High-Temperature Superconductors—Material and Fabrication Issues for Applications
L—Magnetic Ultrathin Films, Multilayers, and Surfaces
M—Electromechanical Phenomena in Complex Fluids
N—Polymer/Inorganic Interfaces
O—Ultraclean Semiconductor Processing Technology and Surface Chemical Cleaning and Passivation
P—Rapid Thermal and Integrated Processing IV
Q—Film Synthesis and Growth Using Energetic Beams
R—Modeling and Simulation of Thin-Film Processing
S—Electronic Packaging Materials Science VIII
T—Materials Reliability in Microelectronics V
U—Thin Films for Integrated Optics Applications
V—Flat Panel Display Materials
W—Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion—Batteries, Capacitors, and Fuel Cells
X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Y—Materials for Environmental Protection—The Control of Air Quality
Z—Polymers in Medicine and Pharmacy
AA—Materials in Sports and Recreational Activities