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Spring 2009 Logo2009 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 13-17, 2009
| San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Paul R. Besser, Peter Fratzl, Nicola Spaldin, Terry M. Tritt

Symposium R : Materials for Renewable Energy at the Society and Technology Nexus

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Symposium Organizers

David Ginley National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Rahul Tongia Carnegie Mellon University
R3: Fuel Cells and Hydrogen I
Session Chairs
Reuben Collins
Sam Mao
Wednesday PM, April 15, 2009
Room 2018 (Moscone West)

9:00 AM - *R3.1
Novel Materials for Fuel Cell and Fuel Reforming Applications

Yingke Zhou 1 , Robert Pasquarelli 1 , Michael Sanders 1 , Tim Holme 2 , Grover Coors 4 , Joe Berry 3 , David Ginley 3 , Ryan O'Hayre 1
1 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, United States, 2 Mechanical Engineering, Stanford Unviersity, Stanford, California, United States, 4 , Ceramatec Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 3 , National Renewable Energy Laboratroy, Golden, Colorado, United States

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9:45 AM - R3.2
Proton Conductivity in Co-doped Perovskite Oxide BaZr0.5In0.25Yb0.25O3-δ.

Istaq Ahmed 1 , Sten Eriksson 1 , Elisabet Ahlberg 2
1 Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg Sweden, 2 Chemistry, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg Sweden

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10:00 AM - R3.3
Synthesis of NiO/YSZ-YSZ Nano Composite Powders and Their Application for SOFC Anodes.

Dae Il Yoon 1 2 , Jong Jin Lee 1 , Sang Hoon Hyun 1 , Jae Hyuk Jang 3
1 Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Yonsei University , Seoul Korea (the Republic of), 2 The Specialized Graduate School of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell, Yonsei University, Seoul Korea (the Republic of), 3 , Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (the Republic of)

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10:15 AM - R3.4
Synthesis of YSZ and Ti: YSZ by Emulsion Precipitation Method and its Impedance Study.

Manasa Rath 1 , Susant Acharya 1 , Byung Ahn 1
1 Major Electronic Materials Engineering , Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, Cholla Buk Do, Korea (the Republic of)

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10:30 AM - R3.5
High-temperature Oxidation of Metallic Alloys for SOFC Interconnects: Stress and Morphological Developments during Oxide Scale Growth and Influence of Reactive Elements.

Audric Saillard 1 2 , Mohammed Cherkaoui 1 2 , Laurent Capolungo 3 , Esteban Busso 4
1 Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 2 , UMI 2958 Georgia Tech - CNRS, Metz France, 3 Materials Science and Technology Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States, 4 Centre des Matériaux, Mines ParisTech, Evry France

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10:45 AM - R3.6
Utilizing Micro X-Ray Tomography, ESEM, and ICP-MS to Characterize MEA/GDE Properties

Mark Nelson 1 , Tommy Rockward 1 , Gang Wu 1 , Rodney Borup 1 , Fernando Garzon 1
1 MPA-11, Materials Physics and Applications Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States

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11:00 AM - R3

11:30 AM - R3.7
The Synthesis and Characterization of Durable Electrocatalyst Nanocomposite Supports

Kimberly Cross 1 , Yunfeng Lu 1
1 Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

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11:45 AM - R3.8
Enhanced Electroactivities of Tungsten Carbides Supported Catalysts for Low Temperature Fuel Cells.

Dong Jin Ham 1 , Jae Sung Lee 1 , Gang Hong Bae 1 , Duck Hyun Youn 1
1 Chemical engineering, Pohang university of science and technology, Pohang Korea (the Republic of)

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12:00 PM - R3.9
High-Throughput Optimization of Polyimide Blends for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuels Cells.

Keith Reed 1 , Carson Meredith 1
1 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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12:15 PM - R3.10
Ionic Conductivity of NASICON-like MI3PO4-MIIIPO4 (MI-Li, Na; MIII-In, Sc) Phases.

Galina Zimina 1 , Anna Potapova 1 , Irina Smirnova 1 , Felix Spiridonov 2 , Sergey Stefanovich 2 , Mariya Zhuravleva 1 , Andrey Novoselov 1
1 Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for Rare and Dispersed Elements, Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Moscow Russian Federation, 2 Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Russian Federation

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