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EL07.09.14 2023 MRS Fall Meeting

Direct Writing of Nanowires: New Opportunities to Study Shape- and Morphology-Dependent Effects

When and Where

Nov 29, 2023
8:00pm - 10:00pm

Hynes, Level 1, Hall A



Sven Barth1,Fabrizio Porrati1,Felix Jungwirth1,Michael Huth1

Goethe University Frankfurt1


Sven Barth1,Fabrizio Porrati1,Felix Jungwirth1,Michael Huth1

Goethe University Frankfurt1
The fabrication of free-shaped 3D objects with very high accuracy using focused electron beam-and focused ion beam-induced deposition (FEBID and FIBID) has been demonstrated in recent years.[1] For instcnce, we demonstrate the formation of free-form ferromagnetic 3D nanostructures and nanowires that can be used as functional devices and at the same time can emulate different morphologies in terms of magnetic properties.[2] <br/>Moreover, the direct writing also enables the growth of core-shell heterostructures by combination of 3D-nanowire FEBID scaffolds and the successive site-selective chemical vapor deposition (CVD). In particular, conductive 3D nanowire-based bridges are printed by FEBID and used as resistors allowing deposition induced by Joule heating. This hybrid-approach allows tailoring the cross section, shape and material combination for specific purposes. The applicability of the nano-CVD onto FEBID-nanowires has been demonstrated for two material systems of specific physical properties.[3] The fabrication of complex 3D core-shell heterostructures promises to add new functionalities by combining free-shaped 3D nanostructure writing with thin film deposition of different functional materials.<br/> <br/><br/><i>References:</i><br/>[1] <i>J. Appl. Phys. </i><b>2021,</b> <i>130</i>, 170901.<br/>[2] <i>Nature Communications</i>, submitted.<br/>[3] <i>ACS Nano</i> <b>2023</b>, 17, 4704–4715.


chemical vapor deposition (CVD) (deposition) | selective area deposition

Symposium Organizers

Gabriela Borin Barin, Empa
Shengxi Huang, Rice University
Yuxuan Cosmi Lin, TSMC Technology Inc
Lain-Jong Li, The University of Hong Kong

Symposium Support

Montana Instruments

Oxford Instruments WITec
Raith America, Inc.

Session Chairs

Gabriela Borin Barin
Yuxuan Cosmi Lin

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