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fall 1996 logo1996 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

December 2 - 6, 1996 | Boston
Meeting Chairs:
 Werner Lutze, Karen Maex, Karl Sieradzki

Programs are available for each symposium:

Symposium A: Materials Modification and Synthesis by Ion Beam Processing

Symposium B: Microstructure Evolution During Irradiation

Symposium Ca: Structure and Evolution of Surfaces

Symposium Cb: Thin Films: Surface and Morphology

Symposium D: Properties and Applications of Electronic Organic Materials and Fullerenes

Symposium E: Defects in Electronic Materials

Symposium F: Microstructural Evolution in Bulk Phases

Symposium G: Atomic Resolution Microscopy of Surfaces and Interfaces

Symposium H: Low-Dielectric Constant Materials

Symposium I: Materials in Microsystems

Symposium J: Electronic Packaging Materials Science IX

Symposium K: Amorphous and Crystalline Insulating Thin Films IV

Symposium L: Environmental, Safety, and Health Issues in IC Production

Symposium M: Control of Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces

Symposium N: III-V Nitrides

Symposium O: Infrared Applications of Semiconductors - Materials, Processing, and Devices

Symposium P: Electrochemical Synthesis and Modification of Materials

Symposium Q: Advances in Microcrystalline and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors

Symposium R: Solid-State Chemistry of Inorganic Materials

Symposium S: Advanced Catalytic Materials III

Symposium T: Glasses and Glass Formers—Current Issues

Symposium U: Enabling Biomaterials Technologies—Molecular Structure-Properties Relationships

Symposium V: Nanophase and Nanocomposite Materials II

Symposium W: Interfacial Engineering for Optimized Properties

Symposium X: Frontiers of Materials Research

Symposium Y: Advances in Materials for Smart Systems—Fundamentals and Applications

Symposium Z: High-Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys

Symposium BB: Morphological Control in Multiphase Polymer Mixtures

Symposium CC: Neutron and X-Ray Scattering Studies of Materials

Symposium DD: Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology V

Symposium EE: Statistical Mechanics in Physics and Biology

Symposium FF: Dynamics in Small Confining Systems IV

Symposium GG: High-Temperature Superconductivity—Interplay of Fundamentals and Applications

Symposium HH: Structure-Property Relationships in Hardened Cement Paste and Composites

Symposium II: Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XX

Symposium JJ: Workshop on Materials Education